(27-28 сентября) 11 EN Международная конференция «Образование через всю жизнь: непрерывное образование в интересах устойчивого развития»
Section 5. Continuing education as a condition and a factor of professionalism and competence formation. Educational methods and technologies

  1. On the teaching of natural science as a component of lifelong education
    Автор: Anishchenko N.V.

  2. Object-oriented integration of technical knowledge as a means of improving design training of future engineers
    Автор: Belova Y.Y.

  3. On the question of formation of information culture of students studying at techno-pedagogical faculties
    Автор: Volkova N.V.

  4. Shaping of professional competencies of graduates in the field of applied computer science
    Автор: Hedranovich V.V.

  5. Activity principles of forming of Russian cultural-linguistic competence in a polyethnic environment
    Автор: Dumitrash O.V.

  6. The use of active forms of learning in professional training of future entrepreneurs
    Автор: Matukova A.I.

  7. Specifics of professional capacity of teachers of social and humanitarian subjects
    Автор: Panov S.V.

  8. Language portfolio as technology of continuing education of future philologist
    Автор: Poliakova I.V.

  9. Creative pedagogy as a condition of formation of experts in the system of continuing education
    Автор: Rakovskaya O.L.

  10. The concept of professional competence
    Автор: Ramanovskaya N.E.

  11. Continuing education of teachers specializing in distance learning
    Авторы: Tappaskhanova M.A., Shulga I.B.

  12. Competence-based approach in the system of continuous pedagogical education
    Авторы: Tastanova A.K., Abylgazina A.

  13. Developing the content of the discipline «Information systems design»
    Автор: Tonkavich I.N.

  14. Use of information-computer technologies at music lessons as a means of formation of ethno-art culture of junior schoolchildren
    Автор: Shynkarenko V.V.

  15. Formation of managerial expertise of the head of an educational organization in the system of continuing education
    Автор: Yuryeva G.P.