(27-28 сентября) 11 EN Международная конференция «Образование через всю жизнь: непрерывное образование в интересах устойчивого развития»

ISBN 978-985-490-884-7

Date: September, 27-28, 2013

The eleventh volume of the proceedings of international cooperation contains reports of the participants of the 11th International Conference “Lifelong Learning: Continuous Education for Sustainable Development”, Stage 2, which brought together scientists and experts from Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Norway, Russia, Ukraine and Uzbekistan.

The collection contains articles touching on theoretical, methodological and axiological problems of continuous education for sustainable development of national and regional economies, topical problems of continuity and conjugacy of each level of continuous education and their place in the development of national and interstate education systems.

The  topics  discussed  this  year  included  socio-cultural  issues  of  continuous education and their role in the formation of a specialist and spiritual and moral personality, the problems of adult and elderly persons education and of additional non-formal education. Also the collection includes articles that address psychological and pedagogical problems of modern education, problems of professionalism and competence formation, educational methods and technologies.

Proceedings of international conference can be of interest for international scientific  and  pedagogical  community,  administrative  staff  at  all  levels  of  education, PhD students.